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Thank you for the support!

Your donation is GREATLY APPRECIATED !


Your donation helps our company get much needed equipment, in our growing Springdale Community. Over the years, your donations helped us get, gear for our firefighters, apparatus, updated EMS equipment. Your support helps get all the necessary equipment to respond to all emergencies that may arise.


2007 Donations helped buy Unit 55 

Ford 250 


2020 Donations helped buy our 4 gas meter

made by MSA

which is in service on Rescue 54 & Engine 51


2003 Donations helped buy our Light Rescue 54

Ford 550


2020 Donations helped us update to newer defibrillators which are in service on Engine 51, Rescue 54, Unit 55 & Unit 50 Officers Vehicle


2020 Donations helped buy new Holmatro Rescue Tools, Cutter & Spreader which is in service on Rescue 54

2023 Donations helped buy another 4 gas meter made by MSA for our new fire engine ( E-57 )

2023 Donations helped us buy a 2007 Pierce Dash, 575 Hp, 1500 GPM pump, TaK 4 suspension system. The Donations also helped to letter, new tires, pump and hose testing and adding more lighting to the Engine. E-57 is in service now to serve the community. Your Donations help also buy all the necessary fittings for the pump and hose.

57 tools.jpg

2023 Donations helped buy our new roof saw, k-12 fire/rescue saw, all new battery milwaukee tools and lighting for E-57.

More to come from your 2023 Donations

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