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If you live or work in the City of Stamford, or interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter we want to hear from you! To find out more about joining Springdale you can contact us via email at, to learn more about membership.


 Download an application please click here







If your 16 and older, dedicated and willing to learn come see us. Springdale Fire Company has many opportunities for you. 


Application process

After filling out an application, you will meet with the Recruiting Team then the Chief and Service Board of our Company. We now are taken dual membership too. You will be put though a thorough background check, and a OSHA physical exam, all paid by Springdale Fire Company, Inc.

Once you pass physical exam, background check, you will be brought up on the floor for membership.

At this time we our looking for Active members to join. All Active members will go though classes to become Ct State FireFighter 1, also be put though a EMS class, all will be done with-in your one year probationary period. All classes are paid by the Springdale Fire Company, Inc. 

All equipment is issued by Springdale Fire Company, Inc.


Springdale Fire Company, Inc. is looking for dedicated people, people willing to respond to station coverage, fire emergencies, service calls, EMS calls, events, upkeep of Company. Learning all apparatus and equipment. Firefighting classes are endless and many to take. Firefighting is a endless task as a volunteer and many hours, days and nights. 


Contact Us For More Info.

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